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5 reasons why your website isn’t bringing in customers

5 reasons why your website isn’t bringing in customers

You already know that having a website is an important asset to your business. However, if your conversion rates are very low or you noticed a steady decline in traffic, it means it’s time to make changes.

The web industry is constantly changing, so your website must satisfy current web standards and user preferences if you want to keep your site visitors happy. Below you will find a list of issues that affect a lot of websites nowadays. If you have made any of these mistakes, make sure to fix them as soon as possible.

  1. Slow loading speed

Many Internet users are used to faster load times. So, if your website takes a while to load, you’re effectively testing your visitors’ patience. In most cases, they will leave instead of waiting for the site to load.

A slow loading website can also lead to a drop in search engine rankings. Simply put, your website must load quickly and be on a par with the fastest Internet connections.

  1. Lack of mobile optimization

Our world is becoming more and more mobile. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, users won’t even attempt to try and navigate your site.

When creating a separate website for mobile devices or optimizing your current website, it is important to consider all possible interactive elements and parts of your website. For instance, some ads may not display correctly, so you should check how they will show up on various devices.

  1. Bad images

Stock photos are often outdated, and if you use them, your site visitors could assume that your website is, well, bad. Keep in mind, however, that not all stock photos have a negative effect on your website.

The use of images is a great way to make your website more enjoyable for the user, just make sure the images are unique, high-quality, and depict your actual product or business.

  1. Keyword stuffing

Just ten years ago, you would do great having your website stuffed with keywords. Back then, most text ads for search engines were written by robots. However, these times are long gone, so keep that in mind.

If there are more text ads in search engines than your customer reviews, your website rating will drop. Keywords are still key, however, it is even more important to connect with your website visitors.

And the only way to do this is to write a text aimed at your site visitors and their needs.

  1. Too much of everything

When it comes to websites, less is always more. Even if you feel like hitting your visitors with everything at once is a great idea, adding interactive widgets won’t actually lead to anything, as your visitors will be overwhelmed by all this information. Put yourself in your site visitors’ shoes and improve your website’s user experience for your customers.

Over time, your traffic will increase, along with user interaction.