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Configuring DNS servers

Configuring DNS servers

There are several ways to attach your domains to VPS.

Using Our DNS Servers (Recommended)

This method is ideal if you plan to host your own websites on VPS.

The main advantage of using our DNS is that we use distributed servers (ns A on one server, ns B on another), which automatically increases the fault tolerance of your websites. The bind (named) service on your VPS is not used, which can also provide a slight performance boost to your server.

To use our DNS, you need to create a support ticket with a list of domain names that need to be set up on our servers.

Creating Your Own NS Like ns1.yourdomain & ns2.yourdomain

This option is suitable if you plan to host, for example, your clients’ websites and want to hide our involvement in hosting. It’s also a good option if you have a large number of domains.

To set up your own NS, you will need 2 IP addresses.

After activating the second IP on the server, go to the “Domain Names” section in ISPmanager and select the domain, then click “Records.” You can then specify your own NS servers in the list:

Please note the periods at the end! They are mandatory. Instead of, enter your domain name.

Using Third-Party DNS Services

You can use third-party DNS services, including DNS registrar management by specifying the server’s IP address.