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Resolve issues efficiently with troubleshooting insights for dedicated servers (DS). Explore our Knowledge Base and Help articles to access step-by-step guides, tips, and solutions for diagnosing and fixing common DS-related problems, ensuring uninterrupted server performance.

Filesystem check

This article explains how to run a manual filesystem check and how to activate the automatic filesystem check for Linux and Windows systems. Introduction Filesystems organize how data is stored, but under some circumstances, the filesystem may become corrupted, and certain parts of it can become i...
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Guideline for locked products

This article presents the reasons why products may be blocked and provides a guide on how to proceed in these situations. Introduction There are some situations in which we are forced to lock a product. Often this will be a single IP, but it can also apply to multiple IPs or even entire servers or...
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Microsoft Blacklist

This article presents the reasons why you can blacklisted by Microsoft and provides a guide on how to proceed in these situations. Microsoft maintains its own internal blacklists, which are used to reject emails coming from specific IP addresses. Any IPs listed on the Spamhaus blacklist are also ...
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Performance with Intel i218/i219 NIC

This article describes the problem of Low performance with Intel i218/i219 NIC and how to workaround it. Low performance with Intel i218/i219 NIC Problem With kernel version 4.15, a fix in the e1000e driver has been introduced: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/b10effb92e272051dd1ec0d7be56...
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Recovery of LVM Volumes

This article provides a guide for restoring a missing volume and the data on it when using LVM (Logical Volume Manager). The problem/issue The LVM meta data of a Linux system is corrupted and the drives or partitions are not displayed when executing, PVdisplay, LVdisplay or VGdisplay. Restoring t...
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Serial numbers and information on defective hard drives

This article provides basic information on determining the serial number of hard drives and potential defects. How to determine the serial number of a drive In Windows There is a tool in Windows which enables you to read the serial numbers of one or several drives. The program is called DiskID32 ...
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Rescue System

This article describes how to activate and use the Rescue System. Introduction The Rescue System is a Debian based Linux live environment that allows you administrative access to your server, even if the installed system does not boot anymore. The environment starts using network boot (PXE) and ru...
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