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What is SiteLock?

What is SiteLock?

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based service that performs daily scans of websites to identify vulnerabilities and protects against security threats, including malware, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, bots, and SQL injection; it also monitors blacklists.

Why do you need SiteLock?

Small businesses often don’t know how to administer a website, or simply don’t want to do it. If you do not update your apps, there is a potential risk that attackers will be able to identify vulnerabilities and take full or partial control over your website, using it to conduct malicious activity. This usually means that your website visitors/clients won’t be willing to come back, and some browsers might restrict access to your site. All of this will lead to reputational damage and monetary losses.

Protect your website from hackers!

SiteLock provides website security for small businesses. This is a smart and effective solution for protecting your website and visitors from dangerous cyberthreats.

SMART tool

It automatically removes malware and infected files, so your website stays safe. It also provides recovery assistance, if necessary (available for Professional and Premium packages).

All packages include

Security alerts, virus scanner for your web server and site, trust seal, and blacklist monitoring.

Learn more about SiteLock features and packages at


SiteLock monitors your website 24/7 for vulnerabilities and attacks, meaning you can focus more on your business and less on your website.





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