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What is web hosting?

What is web hosting?

Web Hosting
Web hosting is a service that involves providing resources to host information on a server that is constantly online (typically on the Internet).

Typically, hosting is part of a website maintenance package and includes at least hosting website files on a server with the necessary software to process requests to these files (web server). Usually, hosting also includes providing space for email correspondence, databases, DNS, file storage on a dedicated file server, and support for the functioning of the corresponding services. (Wiki.)

One server can host many websites—the number of websites depends on the amount of available disk space. Additionally, computational power and internet channel bandwidth are essential.

What is virtual web hosting?

One of the most common hosting services is shared hosting, where multiple websites are located on a single server. Each site typically has its own folder on the server, but a common software package (web server, database server, etc.) is used to manage all of these sites.

Shared hosting can come with technical challenges. It is quite common for a situation to occur where increased resource consumption by one user causes the server to slow down or even become inaccessible. This problem is sometimes referred to as the “bad neighbor problem.”

One of the optimal solutions to the problem described above is to use the CloudLinux operating system, specifically designed for hosting companies.

What are the advantages of using CloudLinux?

As mentioned earlier, when hosting multiple websites on the same web server, you often face a situation where increased load on one site (for example, due to poorly written applications or malicious actions by neighbors) significantly slows down or even blocks the operation of others. CloudLinux addresses this issue by isolating all users from each other and limiting the consumption of system resources. CloudLinux allows for an increase in stability and security. Web Hosting

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