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How to set up a dedicated Terraria server?

How to set up a dedicated Terraria server?

Terraria is a popular sandbox-style game, offering players the opportunity to venture into an expansive and diverse world, engage in battles against enemies, and create formidable weapons and tools. Although playing the game on public servers is a possibility, hosting a dedicated server ensures a superior experience for players.

Beehosting is a hosting platform that allows you to choose the right dedicated server for Terraria.

Why set up a Terraria server?

A dedicated Terraria game server elevates your Terraria adventure to a whole new level of gameplay. By hosting your own Terraria server, you gain control over when each game starts and ends, preventing other players from progressing ahead of you even when you’re not logged in.

Furthermore, setting up a game server allows you to combine various mods to create your personalized gaming universe. Adding mods as a player is straightforward, making your experience more unique and tailored for you and your friends. Without operating your own server, you won’t have the freedom to make desired changes or add preferred modules.

One of the benefits of managing a customizable Terraria server is the freedom to play the game according to your preferences. You have the authority to decide on game parameters, including the number of players and the game’s pace. Since you have control over your server, you can also ban any players who violate your rules.

Beehosting provides dedicated Game servers for Terraria. With our service, you can enjoy optimal power and performance for various use cases without the complexities of on-premises server delivery. We take care of the server hardware, assembly, and on-site maintenance, leaving you to indulge in the ultimate gaming experience.


Terraria server: Hosting on your own PC or renting?

To play Terraria online with other users, you have two options. The first is to use the “Host & Play” feature in the Terraria client, which allows you to host your own online game on your device. Other players can join the world with or without a password. However, if you quit the game, the server session will automatically end.

If you want a more reliable option, you can go for the second option and run Terraria’s dedicated server. As long as this application is running, you and other players can connect to the Terraria server via the “Join via IP” feature in the game client.

While theoretically, you can run the dedicated server hosting on your home PC, it would require the PC to run continuously, leading to high electricity costs. Moreover, hardware maintenance would be your responsibility, and a stable and powerful internet connection is necessary for a smooth gaming experience for all players.

The simpler and more convenient alternative is to entrust Terraria server hosting to a provider who will take care of all the essential aspects, such as availability, maintenance, and server performance.

How to set up a Terraria dedicated server

Choose and setup your Game server for Terraria

The choice of the appropriate Game server model largely depends on how you plan to utilize it – whether it will be used as a standalone machine or in a cluster.
For each virtual machine (VM) you create on your dedicated Terraria server, we suggest the following minimum configuration:
• 3 GB RAM
• At least 40 GB of disk space
• Dual-core processor running at 2.0 GHz or higher
• A stable internet connection with a recommended speed of 100 MB/s for dependable performance.

Please note that these specifications are applicable to a small group of players. For more advanced gaming experiences and to host a larger number of players, consider higher-performance Beehosting Game server hosting solutions.

Once you have decided on the type of Gaming server, you need to select your preferred operating system, whether it’s Dedicated Server Windows, Dedicated Server Ubuntu, or Dedicated Server Linux. From there, you can log in and configure it to align with your specific needs and infrastructure requirements.

Configure your Terraria server

Follow the recommended steps below to set up your customized Terraria server:

  1. Configure it directly from the Steam Workshop.
  2. Install the server files via SteamCMD.
  3. Enter your command lines, admin credentials, and passwords.
  4. Ensure that UDP ports 1200, UDP ports 27000 to 27020, and TCP ports 27030 to 27039 are open.
  5. Launch your server for the first time, then reboot it (recommended step).
  6. Your server is now ready to use.

Usually, players should be able to connect to the server simultaneously, whether they are using the internet or LAN. If this doesn’t work, double-check that you’ve followed all of the previous instructions and ensured that the server and network are properly configured. Once everything is set up, you can enjoy playing your games on your server.


Immerse yourself in Terraria’s unparalleled sense of progression. Embark on your adventure in a procedurally generated world, and swiftly delve into the game’s diverse and captivating levels. Utilize new equipment and resources to forge ahead and conquer the challenges that await you in this captivating land. The best way to play with your friends is through a dedicated server.