Types and Levels of Domain Names: A Helpful Guide

Last modified: Friday November 24th, 2023

From this article, you will learn about levels of the domain and get the list of top-level domains.

Domains are accepted to divide the levels. They are determined by the number of parts of the domain name.

First level domains are: lv, ru, com. They indicate the area on the Internet, belonging to a country, an international organization, a region, etc.

For example, the first level domain indicates that the page belongs to Latvia.

Here are the top-level domains:

  • com – commerce; success – education;
  • net – network projects;
  • gov – government;
  • org – non-governmental organizations;
  • lv – Latvia
  • es – spain

The first level domain classification is completely conditional. Pages that have a domain ending in lv may not have anything to do with Latvia. All domains are open and can be registered by any resident for personal purposes.

The second-level domain is the part of the domain name separated by a point from the first level domain. For example, in the domain zone you can register a second-level domain with your company name – yourname.lv.

The third level domain is considered to be a subdomain in relation to the second-level domain, for example, subdomain.yourname.lv. These are rather rare phenomena on the Internet, and usually, they are made free of charge.

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