How to migrate cPanel accounts from reseller hosting to shared hosting

Last modified: Monday November 27th, 2023

In this article, you will learn how to migrate cPanel accounts from a reseller hosting package to a shared hosting account.

Reseller hosting packages permit the creation and administration of various cPanel accounts, while shared hosting plans are restricted to a single cPanel account. If you intend to switch from reseller to shared hosting, you will need to merge all your website content from multiple cPanel accounts into a single account. This task requires copying databases and website files from sub-accounts to your primary account. Once you have merged your cPanel accounts, you will also need to configure the domains in cPanel to ensure that all websites function correctly.

Moving website content

First, you must download the content of each subaccount’s website. This includes the actual website files, as well as any databases.


An FTP client can be utilized to download the website files. The cPanel File Manager can also be used for file transfers, but using a specialized FTP client simplifies the process.

After downloading a subaccount’s files, upload them to a subdirectory within the public_html directory of your primary cPanel account. Ensure to keep a record of the directories that correspond to each website since you will require this information later when setting up the domains.


Once you have merged the website files of every subaccount into the primary cPanel account, the next step is to extract the databases from each subaccount and import them into the primary cPanel account:

  • For information about how to import and export MySQL databases, please see this article.

Setting up domains

Once you have merged all the subaccounts into the main cPanel account, the subsequent task is to configure the domains to load from your primary cPanel account.

To transfer the addon and parked domains from individual subaccounts to the primary cPanel account, you need to first remove them from each subaccount and then add them to the primary cPanel account. Once you have successfully added all the parked and addon domains from a subaccount to the primary cPanel account, you can delete the subaccount. Finally, you can add the main domain of the subaccount to the primary cPanel account either as a parked or addon domain.

When transferring a subaccount site that is a parked domain, it’s advisable to configure it as an addon domain in the primary cPanel account. Ensure that the document root folder for the domain is set to the desired directory for loading. Otherwise, the domain will load the primary cPanel account’s main domain.
In case any of the websites you are migrating has a dedicated IP address, there may be some downtime (which may last up to 24 hours but usually shorter) while it switches to the IP address associated with your primary cPanel account. As each cPanel account can only have one IP address, it is also restricted to a single SSL certificate.

Starting the migration

After you consolidate everything into your primary cPanel account, please open a support ticket on the client area at In the ticket, let us know that your reseller account is ready to switch to a shared hosting package.

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