IP addresses for dedicated server

Last modified: Tuesday November 21st, 2023

This article provides information about IP addresses, the ordering process, and how we allocate them.

IPv4 addresses

You can order IPv4 addresses for your dedicated root server, colocation space, and vSwitch.

IPv6 Subnet

All servers have a /64 IPv6 subnet. For clients who received their servers before February 2013, they can order this subnet (for free), and we will automatically activate them.


To order additional IP addresses, please log into the client’s area, and write a support ticket where specify the number of IP addresses you would like to request and the server they should be assigned to.

RIPE Guidelines

We only allocate IPs if their use conforms to RIPE guidelines. This means we require a valid technical reason for why you need the IPs.

Reverse DNS

You can set the reverse DNS (PTR) record for your IP(s) in the client’s area, in the IPs tab of your server. To the right of the IP address, there is a textbox where you can enter a reverse DNS record. For subnets (IPv4 and IPv6), click on the plus button to the left of the subnet to see the individual IPs and to set reverse DNS entries for them.


You can cancel single IPs and subnets by writing a ticket to our support team.

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