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How to Add an Addon Domain in cPanel

This article describes how to add a domain as an addon domain using cPanel's Domain feature. Please follow these steps to add a domain as an addon domain: Log in to cPanel. Select Domains under the Domains section.                                                                      I...
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How to use the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel

This article provides instructions on utilizing the Zone Editor within cPanel for the purpose of overseeing custom DNS records. About DNS records A DNS (Domain Name System) name server preserves DNS records associated with a domain name. Various types of DNS records exist, with some of the most fr...
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How to use the cPanel Domains tool

The cPanel Domains feature is a one-stop tool to create and manage all of the domains, subdomains, addon domains, and aliases in your account. This article shows you how to work with all of these features. Starting the Domains tool To start the cPanel Domains tool, follow these steps: Log in ...
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Basic domain management using the Client area

This article describes how to use the Beehosting client area to do basic domain management tasks, such as changing the domain's name servers and setting the registrar lock. !The information in this article only applies to domains purchased directly from Beehosting. If you purchased a domain from ...
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How to register and buy a domain name

This article describes how to purchase and register a domain name from Beehosting https://beehosting.pro/domain-registration/ using the Client Area. Domain registrations and renewals are non-refundable, because the domain registrar does not cancel or issue refunds for these items. When you regist...
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How to configure redirects in cPanel

This article describes how to use cPanel to set up a web page to redirect to another web page. About redirects A redirect occurs when a web server redirects a visitor from one web page to another web page. Typically, redirection is used to create shorter, more memorable URLs that redirect to longe...
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How to use the cPanel Site Publisher to easily build a website

Creating a single-page website with cPanel Site Publisher is an easy way. You can create corporate, personal, or under-development pages with a professional look in just a few easy steps. This article describes how to do this. Please follow these steps to create a site with cPanel Site Publisher:...
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How to request an authorization (EPP) code

From this article you will learn about EPP code, what is it used for, and how you can get it. If you want to transfer a domain from one provider to another it is necessary to request the auth code. This code is required for the domain transfer and must then be entered during the transfer order...
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What are our nameservers?

For the Shared Hosting services with cPanel, you need to use the following server names: Nimeserver 1: ns1.beehosting.pro ( Nimeserver 2: ns2.beehosting.pro ( Nimeserver 3: ns3.beehosting.pro ( Nimeserver 4: ns4.beehosting.pro ( ...
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Can I change my domain name?

Due to the domain rules, it is not possible to change the domain name after registration. However, it is possible to register a new domain and then transfer the contents of the old domain to the new domain name. It is also possible to add one domain as an alias for another domain, after which th...
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COM, NET, ORG, INFO etc domain name transfer

This article describes the conditions that must be met in order to transfer a domain. Before you begin the transfer, make sure you have read all the clauses, otherwise transfer process may fail. 1. Before you start with the transfer procedure, make sure that domain name is at least 60 days old...
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Domain name levels

From this article, you will learn about levels of the domain and get the list of top-level domains. Domains are accepted to divide the levels. They are determined by the number of parts of the domain name. First level domains are: lv, ru, com. They indicate the area on the Internet, belonging ...
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