How to request an authorization (EPP) code

Last modified: Tuesday November 28th, 2023

From this article you will learn about EPP code, what is it used for, and how you can get it.

If you want to transfer a domain from one provider to another it is necessary to request the auth code.

This code is required for the domain transfer and must then be entered during the transfer order. Just like a domain password, to ensure that no one but you can transfer your domain and take control of it.

Regarding .it domains, the auth code is called auth info. Despite having a different name, it has the same function.

Note that if you request the auth code for a domain, you must also request the hosting cancellation if you have a connected hosting plan and do not want to renew it.

What is auth code?

To transfer an Internet domain from one provider to another it is necessary to have the auth code of your domain. The auth code is also called:

  • auth info code
  • authorization code
  • domain password
  • transfer code
  • EPP code.

This alphanumeric code is provided exclusively to the domain owner to prevent third parties from transferring the domain without his authorization.

Generally, the auth code is a code formed by a combination of numbers and letters.
It can have a variable length, generally from 6 to 16 characters.

This code can be given different names according to the domain extension.

What is the auth code used for?

The authorization code known as auth code can be regarded as a sort of domain password.

This code is created by the registrar and provided to the owner of the domain, i.e. the registrant, and is used to uniquely identify an Internet domain.

Only the owner of the domain can manage it by changing the registration information, renewing the domain or requesting a transfer.

The use of this system was introduced so that the transfer of the domain could only be requested by the owner of the domain.

If you want to transfer a domain from one provider to another you will have to:

  • request the code from your current provider
  • send a transfer request to the provider you want to switch to
  • give the code and other necessary data to the new provider.

This is one of the security procedures in addition to the transfer block, an option that can be activated to avoid unauthorized domain transfers.

How to get the auth code?

The auth code is created by registrars, so you will have to check the instructions of the provider you registered the domain with to get the code.

Remember that registries, such as ICANN and NIC, do not have direct access to these codes and cannot create them. In the following sections, we will see how to contact the registry in case you cannot get the code directly from the registrar.

Registrars can use two systems to communicate the code to the registrant.

In some cases, it is possible to get the code directly from the reserved area.

Another method is to request the code by contacting the registrar. In this case, you will receive the code by email or by ticket within five days from the request.

How to request auth code with Beehosting

If you want to transfer the domain name registered with Beehosting please write us a ticket from your client area and specify the domain name you want to transfer, also we ask you to write a reason for the transfer.

Domains that cannot be transferred

In some cases, it is not possible to proceed with the transfer of the domain.

If the domain was registered less than 60 days ago, it cannot be transferred. We can begin the transfer process, but it will not be transferred until 60 days have passed.

The same rule of 60 days applies in those cases in which a change of ownership has been made, or even just a change to the email of the domain owner.

This rule applies to generic domains: com, net, org, etc…

International domains also have a function to block the transfer (transfer lock).

If a domain is blocked, you will need to ask the provider to unlock it.

Expired domains

No registry allows the transfer of an expired domain. If the domain for which you are trying to get the auth code has expired, you will see that it is not possible to click on the link to get the auth code.

What to do if the provider refuses to provide the code?

The auth code can only be provided by the provider with which you registered the domain. If the domain was registered under your name, you are entitled to receive this code and the provider cannot refuse to provide it to you. Providers can allow you to obtain the auth code directly from the control panel. Alternatively, simply request the transfer code, and the provider is obliged to provide it to you within 5 days of the request.

Note. It is impossible to request an authorization (EPP) code for domains one month before the expiration of the registration period and within a month after the renewal of the domain registration.

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