How to use “Layout”?

Last modified: Tuesday November 29th, 2022

This article describes how to use the “Layout” tool How to use Layout? layout website builder in Website Builder.

Adding layout

  1. Drag and drop the layout from the main toolbar: How to use Layout? layout drag and drop website builder 1024x125
  2. Choose layout composition:                                          How to use Layout? choose layout website builder 1024x773
  3. Add elements to your layout. The type of element you want to add, select from the toolbar.
  4. If you have more than one layout you can add elements to each layout.

Customizing layout

  1. Position: Change the element’s position in the layout. Choose from “Horizontal Layout”, “Vertical Layout” or “Floating Block” in the right toolbar. How to use Layout? layout position website builder 1024x424
  2. Alignment: Align elements in the layout by selecting alignment for that layout in the right toolbar.
  3. Background: Select layout and click the background and choose your background layout color and opacity or image/video, position, repeat, and size.  How to use Layout? background website builder 1 1024x414
  4. Duplicate:  Add duplicate layouts by clicking on the icon on the layout you want to duplicate and choosing “Duplicate”.                          How to use Layout? duplicate website builder
  5. Borders: Select a layout and click border in the right toolbar to add borders to the layout and choose your width, style, and color. How to use Layout? border website builder 1024x415
  6. Size: Adjust layout size or “Allow to adjust size automatically” in the right toolbar. How to use Layout? layout size website builder 1024x451

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