What is a SiteLock website security?

Last modified: Friday May 19th, 2023

SiteLock is a daily spam & malware monitoring tool https://beehosting.pro/sitelock-security-and-malware-monitoring/. SiteLock helps protect more than just your website, it can protect your business too.

Your online reputation and the security of your website are critical elements to your business. There have never been more threats to your website than now. Hackers use malware, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and more sophisticated techniques to steal your customer data or redirect your traffic, ruining your site’s reputation. If malware is detected on your website, SiteLock SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) technology automatically removes it, just like PC anti-virus tools automatically clean your computer and keep it safe from infection. Your website should be a safe and secure environment for your visitors.

Did you know 15% or more of sites have malware in the course of a year? SiteLock security scans your site, looking for anything that shouldn’t be there (malware, harmful code, etc.). When the scan finds something that doesn’t look right, you are alerted via email and your control panel.

A typical website can have thousands of potential vulnerabilities for malware injection. If search engines (like Google) detect malware on your website, they may blacklist you, damaging your reputation as well as your search engine rank. SiteLock security prevents upset customers and potential revenue loss.

Hackers are smart, but SiteLock is smarter. It scans your website once a day for malware, viruses, suspicious code, and application vulnerabilities. The SMART tool automatically removes the bad stuff before it can harm your site. SiteLock also notifies you when it finds SQL-injections (SQLi) and cross-site scripts (XSS). View the scan and fix status from your SiteLock dashboard anytime.

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