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Add domain

Add domain

Go to the www domains section, located on the left side. In the opened window, at the top right, click on create a new domain.

Add domain dobavlenie domena1 1024x490

After that, fill in the empty lines as follows:

  1. Name – the address of your website, which is assigned to a specific IP address.

The domain name should be entered without the prefixes http:// and www.

  1. Aliases – specify additional domain names that will be used to access your domain.

For example, if you want to use names like,, and to access your domain, specify these names.

  1. Root folder – the path of the home directory (leave it as default).
  2. Owner – the user who will have management rights for this site.
  3. Administrator’s email – specify the contact email address that will be displayed on the web server error pages for this domain.
  4. Encoding – the character set used for the default domain pages.
  5. Index page – we recommend leaving it as default.
  6. Auto subdomains – easy creation of subdomains by creating folders in the site directory.
  7. SSL – check the box to use a secure connection via the HTTPs protocol for this domain.
  8. SSI – check the box to use the SSI mechanism for this domain.
  9. CGI scripts – check the box to use CGI scripts for this domain.
  10. PHP mode – There are 3 possible options to choose from: Apache module, CGI, FastCGI (Apache).

Add domain dobavlenie domena2

Add domain dobavlenie domena 3

After filling in all the necessary fields, click Ok and wait for a few seconds. Your domain is added to ISPmanager and ready for use.