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How to create a new mailbox quickly and easily in cPanel?

How to create a new mailbox quickly and easily in cPanel?

Has it ever happened that you forgot your email password and didn’t know how and where to recover it? Or perhaps you needed to update passwords for your employees’ mails, but this caused difficulties and misunderstanding?

With the cPanel control panel, you can manage your company’s email accounts more easy and convenient.

Let’s take a look at the main elements of the Email tab inside a cPanel:

E-mail Accounts – allows you to manage mailboxes – create, delete, edit.
• Forwarders – settings for forwarding incoming mail to some other mailbox.
• Autoresponders – settings for automatic replies to incoming letters.
• Default address – setting the main domain mailbox for collecting messages containing an error in addresses.
• Mailing lists – settings for mailing lists.
• Track Delivery – allows you to view information about your mail, login attempts.
• Global Email Filters – allows you to manage email filters for your primary email account.
• Email Filters – settings of mail filters for a specific mailbox.
• Encryption – tools to improve the security of your mail.
• Import address – allows you to import addresses or forwarding settings.
• BoxTrapper protects your inbox from spam by prompting all senders not on your whitelist to respond to confirmation before you can receive your messages.
• Calendars and Contacts – Set up access to calendars and contacts on your personal devices

And creating a mailbox is very simple! Just go to the Email Accounts section in the cPanel control panel and click on Add email account tab.

To create a new email box in cPanel, you have to specify:
• mailbox name
• domain for mailbox
• mailbox password
• size of your Email box

You may overview and select a package of services that includes mailboxes via the link: