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Managing a Hosted Website?

Managing a Hosted Website?

Each hosting provider including Beehosting offers standard website management tools.

Basic website management tools include:

-web hosting control panel (we use сPanel)

-FTP server

-Web Disk

Using these tools you can edit and modify files, upload new files, plugins, templates etc., and thus manage your website. But editing files is not the only way to manage a website.

Many modern websites use content management systems (CMS), such as Joomla, WordPress, DataLife, Drupal, Bitrix, and others. These systems have their own control panels used to edit website content.

The simple and intuitive interface of the systems’ admin dashboards allows the user to edit their website regardless of their web programming experience or lack thereof. This type of website management is the most common, as not everyone who wants to have a website has the time to learn programming languages.

And finally, you can manage your website by editing the database the website is linked to. Due to the development of Internet tools, more and more websites are starting to use MySQL databases, making this type of management rather popular.

Most hosting platforms (including ours) use phpMyAdmin (a software tool for SQL) for database editing.

That’s it. Now, build your websites and start reaping the rewards. Good luck!