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Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

In this article, we will discuss seven signs that tell you it’s time to update your website. Sometimes, a small upgrade or optimization will suffice, other times it’s easier to rebuild the site from scratch.

You are getting less traffic. 

It is no secret that websites are created to attract visitors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s done for commercial or creative purposes. If your website is losing visitors or you have none to start with, it’s time to divert your attention to website modernization and/or promotion. The next step is to figure out what has caused the results you have, analyze it, and make the necessary changes.

You are getting fewer orders

This sign stems from the previous one, but it mostly applies to commercial websites. When the number of calls, requests, and messages is decreasing, it means there’s something wrong with your website. Perhaps you’ve picked up a virus and your content is not displayed correctly, or maybe your website has been blocked by search engines. Sometimes it’s as simple as outdated design and terrible usability, which has a massively negative impact on users’ trust.

Outdated design or template-based website

In this case, you need to redesign your website and improve its usability. It’s best to turn to professionals who will design a convenient and user-friendly website for you.

Your website is not optimized for smartphones and tablets.

In 2019, this is as relevant as ever. Nowadays, most content is consumed via smartphones and tablets. Mobile optimization affects website promotion, which, in turn, leads to better search engine rankings.

Your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. 

SSL certificate protects websites from a data breach. A protected website is HTTPS-encrypted and does not allow the attackers to intercept any data input, such as feedback and payment details. Browsers also mark such websites as ‘secure’.

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Your website takes forever to load. 

Website load speed is crucial and many companies are struggling to optimize it. If your website takes a long time to load, your visitors won’t stick around waiting, they will leave, and you will lose potential customers. Besides, speed optimization directly affects promotion results.

You rarely refresh content

If you do not add content to your website on a regular basis, search engines will see it as abandoned and your website will no longer show up in search results. Besides, your website visitors might feel like your website is not trustworthy and leave. It is necessary to regularly refresh existing content, as well as add new content.

If one or several of these signs apply to you, it’s best to get to website modernization as soon as possible. If you are facing more than half of the issues described above, it’s best to hire a professional to build website from scratch. Once the website ready, it is important to focus on website optimization in order to prevent any promotion issues in the future.