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Spam Protection Tool

Spam Protection Tool

Do you use corporate email and don’t want to receive unwanted emails?
Or are you tired of getting spam mailings to your work/business mail?
We have a solution for you – Spam Filter in cPanel by Beehosting!

Apache SpamAssassin is a convenient utility that offers a set of tools for defining mail filters. The principle of operation of such a filter is to analyze incoming mail according to the principle of Bayesian filtering.

Briefly, the principle of action – analyze each word in the letter and at the end of the check, the program gives its rating to the letter. The default score for good analysis is 5, you can also correct these values for yourself.
You can enable SpamAssassin on the main page of the utility by clicking the “Enable” button. You can also disable the SPAM filter there.

Remove the Spam mail bin automatically
This option allows you to automatically delete messages that did not pass verification. You can enable or disable it by clicking the “Enable / Disable SpamAssassin” button.

Please note that before enabling this feature, configure your spam filter and make sure the settings are correct! Sometimes spam contains emails that are not, which can lead to the loss of important data.

The SpamAssassin configuration contains all the settings of the utility, such as blacklist, and whitelist.

Black list
You can add specific addresses to the blacklist. This will prevent you from receiving incoming mail from the specified mailboxes. There are several ways to add to the blacklist:
• Concrete box.
You can specify a postal address from which you do not want to receive mail.
• Mailboxes of a specific domain.

Specify * @ domain.tld if you want to block receiving mail from all mailboxes of any domain.
By default, 5 fields are visible for adding to the blacklist. If you want to add more addresses, fill in the first 5, and the next ones will appear automatically.

White list
A whitelist exists to identify addresses that are automatically blocked but not unwanted. The system for adding to the whitelist is the same as in the case of the blacklist.

Please note – addresses from the white list do not pass the spam filter!

You can also customize the mail rating yourself. SpamAssassin uses many tests to evaluate incoming mail. If that’s not enough for you, you can create your own test. To do this, you need to refer to the SpamAssassin documentation.

You can familiarize yourself with the packages of hosting sites with anti-spam at the link: