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The Email section in cPanel.

The Email section in cPanel.

You can manage mail on your domain using cPanel control panel.

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The main mail settings panel looks like this:

The Email section in cPanel. email

  • Email Accounts. This subsection allows you to manage your mailboxes: create, delete or edit them.
  • Here you can forward incoming messages to another mailbox.
  • MX Record. Here you can add or remove MX records.
  • This subsection allows you to set up automated replies to incoming mail.
  • Default Address allows you to set up a primary mailbox for your domain to catch any messages sent to an invalid email address.
  • Mailing Lists. This provides access to mailing list settings.
  • Track Delivery allows you to view information about your email account and login attempts.
  • Global Email Filters. This subsection allows you to manage email filters for your primary email account.
  • Email Filters. Here you can manage filters for an email address that you specify.
  • Authentication provides tools to improve your email security.
  • Address Importer allows you to import addresses or redirects.
  • Spam Filters. Here you can find SPAM filter settings.
  • Calendars and Contacts features allow you to set up access to calendars and contacts on personal devices.