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We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team


  • Design and administration of complex infrastructure
  • Implementation of methods and tools to ensure the fault tolerance of all systems
  • Equipment administration: network equipment, firewalls, servers, storages
  • Administration of virtual machines
  • Administration and software tuning of server platforms
  • Using the mechanisms of the Data Center, as well as own developments to prevent and take comprehensive measures in case of attacks or failures
  • Prompt response and resolution of incidents related to a possible stop of equipment or services
  • Integration of systems for the prevention of failures
  • Support and development of IT infrastructure for the development team, organizing the work of remote specialists
  • Ensuring Information security of all systems
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of all services
  • Training of system administrators and support managers
  • Development and integration of security principles
  • Participation in projects for the launch of new, as well as the development of existing services
  • User experience analysis and usability improvement
  • Creation of reports and export of statistical data on the use of services and the workload of infrastructure nodes
  • Control over the licensing of services (acquisition, tracking and renewal of licenses)
  • Participation in meetings and meetings


Knowledge and experience:

  • Experience in Linux administration (CentOS/Debian and others) for more than three years
  • Experience in Windows administration (Windows Server 2012-2021 and others) for more than three years
  • Setting up and maintaining Proxmox virtualization/containerization management system (LXC, KVM, Windows KVM)
  • Knowledge of the OSI model, understanding of routing
  • Experience with version control systems (Git)
  • Experience and ability to configure VPN (OpenVPN), LDAP, DNS, DHCP
  • Setting up DNS and rDNS zones, managing DNS zones
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Containerd, KVM, LXC, Windows
  • Experience in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Nginx, Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Redis, Rabbit administration
  • Understanding of software development process and methodology
  • Experience with WHMCS
  • Experience with cPanel
  • Experience with ISPmanager
  • Experience with DirectAdmin



  • Knowledge and experience with WordPress preferred
  • Accompanying knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP is welcome
  • Experience in Agile teams
  • Experience with FreeIPA, Cisco, Ansible, Minio, SMTP



  • Experience in administration and optimization of server infrastructure (from 5+ years)
  • SRE practices, support for highly loaded and highly available systems
  • Good self-control in a crisis situation
  • To take responsibility
  • Integrity and punctuality
  • Be ideological, offer non-standard solutions
  • Be sociable
  • Ability to communicate and understand developers
  • Skill to work in a team


Working conditions:

  • Collaboration options: in the office or remote work (possible from home)
  • Country: not essential
  • Availability: always be in touch (online and by phone)


Language for communication to choose from:

  • Russian
  • English
  • Estonian


Terms of payment:

  • Depends on your experience and location.
  • Bonuses for the implementation of the plan, as well as the achievement of results due to the growth in the quantity and quality of services


Perks and bonuses:

  • Unlimited prospects for career and professional growth (opportunity to grow into a technical director of the company)
  • Work in an international team with an international product
  • Payment of bonuses to an international card
  • Subscription to the gym (in case of local presence)
  • Free equipment for work (if necessary)


Please send your CV (questionnaire) to the email: