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We are looking for a team of “Expert on WHMCS”

We are looking for a team of “Expert on WHMCS”


  • Customization and automation of WHMCS processes
  • Setting up and automating cron tasks
  • Integration and customization of third-party applications and modules
  • Setting up service packages and addons
  • Integration and configuration of partners
  • Integration and configuration of partners for registration of domain names
  • Version control and update of current integrations and modules
  • Setting up the client area
  • Compatibility control of site versions, client area and WHMCS versions
  • Development and integration of security principles
  • Participation in projects for the launch of new, as well as the development of existing services
  • User experience analysis and usability improvement
  • Creation of reports and export of statistical data on clients and services
  • Participation in meetings


Knowledge and experience:

  • Experience with WHMCS
  • Experience with cPanel
  • Experience with ISPmanager
  • Experience with DirectAdmin
  • Experience in setting up and automating the domain name registration process



  • Knowledge of the ProxMox server platform is welcome
  • Knowledge of the Resellerclub platform is welcome
  • Knowledge of the MarketConnect platform is welcome
  • Knowledge of DigitalOcean platform preferred
  • WordPress knowledge and experience preferred
  • Accompanying knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP is welcome



  • To take responsibility
  • Decency
  • Punctuality
  • Desire to grow and achieve goals
  • be ideological
  • Self-learning
  • Be sociable


Working conditions:

  • Collaboration options: in the office or remote work (possible from home)
  • Country: not essential
  • Availability: always be in touch (online and by phone)


Language for communication to choose from:

  • Russian
  • English
  • Estonian


Terms of payment:

  • Depends on your experience and location.
  • Bonuses for fulfilling the plan and achieving results due to an increase in the quantity and quality of services



  • Opportunity to develop
  • Work in an international team with an international product
  • Payment of bonuses to an international card
  • Subscription to the gym (in case of local presence)
  • Free equipment for work (if necessary)


Please send your CV (questionnaire) to the email: