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What is cPanel? Hosting Control Panel for Beginners

What is cPanel? Hosting Control Panel for Beginners

In this article, you will get acquainted with the main functions of cPanel.

cPanel General Information

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels for managing hosting accounts on the Linux operating system. It allows convenient management of all services in one place. Currently, cPanel is an industry-standard tool, familiar to most web developers.

Intuitive and easy to use, cPanel allows you to manage your hosting account with maximum efficiency. Whether it’s creating new FTP users and email addresses, monitoring resources, creating subdomains, or installing software.

What functions are available in the control panel?

  • Domain management. Adding and removing addon domains, parked domains, and subdomains, editing DNS records, and configuring redirects.
  • File management. Searching files by name and supporting three methods of file editing (text editor, code editor, and HTML editor). There is also the option to use a web disk.
  • Backup. There is an option to create full or partial backups of the file system, databases, and cPanel account settings. In addition, the ability to compress the backup is supported.
  • Database management. The offered features for managing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases have convenient functionality, including basic options for creating and deleting databases, user management, configuring user access rights, providing access to phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, as well as allowing remote access to databases.
  • Setting security options. The functionality includes the ability to manage SSL certificates, protect website directories with password protection, prevent unauthorized use of direct links to the site (Hotlink), and restrict access to the website by IP address.
  • Email management. Automatic configuration of popular email clients, access to three web-based email clients (Horde Webmail, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube), email filter configuration, spam filter usage, the ability to set up mailing lists, and import email addresses.
  • FTP. The functionality includes the ability to create, delete, and manage FTP users, set quotas for FTP accounts, and manage active FTP sessions. Additionally, there are ready-made configurations for major FTP clients such as FileZilla, CoreFTP, and Cyberduck.
  • Logs and Statistics. The functionality includes access logs and error logs, as well as a statistics menu that allows tracking current resource consumption. Tools such as AWstats and Webalizer are available for analyzing visitor and traffic statistics.

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