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Open-Xchange: what is it?

Open-Xchange: what is it?

Open-Xchange often called “OX” for short, is an email, communication, and collaboration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to an email solution, you get business management tools, such as calendars, a task scheduler, and a global address list.

Let’s take a closer look at what OX offers.

Open-Xchange helps large companies do much more than just set up corporate email accounts and calendars. More importantly, with OX it’s easy to manage projects, internal tasks, and contacts; you can even have your own cloud storage! Thorough usability testing ensured that working with OX is as easy as it can possibly be. Making appointments, delegation of authority and financial reporting is now a matter of minutes.


  • Mobility. With this app, you will always be in touch with your customers and employees via corporate email. The app is available on all popular mobile platforms (Apple, Google, and Microsoft). The app provides nearly unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating tasks, events, or delegation. You can use your corporate email account with other email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat, Apple Mail).
  • Shared calendar. It will undoubtedly increase productivity and reduce the time your employees spend working on assignments. You can plan and analyse not only the tasks themselves but also their implementation. The smart notification system will not let any task go unnoticed, unobtrusively reminding employees of their tasks.
  • You can work with and manage a group of people using a set of special tools.
  • You can work through your favourite browser interface. Cross-browser compatibility won’t force you to switch from your favourite browser to the one you need ‘for work’. Cross-platform compatibility allows the app to work across any platform, be it Windows, Мac or even Linux.
  • Cloud storage allows any employee access to all necessary documents. You can manage access rights by assigning roles (administrator, project manager, and guest). The documents can be edited in the cloud, without having to download them and/or install special software on your computer.

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