Topic: Maintainance

Effective maintenance is key to optimal performance of dedicated servers (DS). Explore our Knowledge Base and Help articles for insights on DS maintenance, including routine tasks, troubleshooting, and strategies to keep your servers running at their best.

Hot Swapping

With hot swapping, you can replace drives (HDDs/SSDs) while the system is running to minimize server downtime if a drive fails. Please read this article to help you prepare and perform a hot-swap exchange. Compatibility The majority of our new server models are hot-swap capable. You can check w...
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This article provides an overview and some guides and examples for the IPMI interface. Introduction IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is an interface for the management and administration of servers. It is implemented with a BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) of a motherboard. Yo...
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Serial over LAN

From this article, you will learn about Serial over LAN and how to activate it. Serial Over LAN (SOL) is a mechanism that enables the input and output of the serial port of a managed system to be redirected over IP. This is done through IPMI. Activating serial over LAN In order to activate SOL ...
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From this article, you will learn about NVMe, it's characteristics, and NVMe-CLI. Introduction NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a specification for accessing drives via PCI Express; it is specifically tailored to the needs of non-volatile memory. The connection via PCIe Gen3 x4 (32 GBit/s) of...
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