Topic: Server Virtualization Solutions

Unlock the power of virtualization on dedicated servers (DS). Explore our Knowledge Base and Help articles to learn about DS virtualization solutions, setup guides, and best practices for creating and managing virtual environments that maximize server efficiency and resource utilization.

Additional IPs with Virtualization Solutions

From this article, you will learn about Additional IPs with Virtualization Solutions. The network setup of all virtualization solutions is similar. Depending on the software, you can use one or more variants: Bridged Routed NAT Single IPs If you want to use the bridged mode, and yo...
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VMware ESXi Hypervisor Installing and Setting Up

From this article, you will learn about VMware ESXi. General information Hardware VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.x and 6.0 (ESXi) use a filesystem called vmfs5 (formerly vmfs3), which uses GPT and supports drive sizes of up to 64 TiB (formerly 2 TiB). Software RAID is not supported by ESXi. ...
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Windows Server Hyper-V setup and configuration guide

The following article describes how you can use additional single IPs conjunction with Hyper-V for virtual machines. With Hyper-V. you can only do this can by using virtual MAC addresses. You can get a MAC address for each additional single IP in the client's area. Roles and Features The requir...
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